Paranormal History

There are many things that have perplexed mankind over the length of human existance.  Things such as "Alien Beings", "Legendary Creatures and of course... "Paranormal Activity".

In fact, one of the earliest recorded "Ghost Sighting" or story was documented in 100 A.D. by a lawyer with the name of Pliny the Younger. This story was about a house in Athens, Greece that was supposedly haunted, when a young philosopher by the name of Athenodorus purchased the house because it was at such a low price. The man moved into the house and began writing in his journal when he had heard the sound of chains clanking together, and the sound grew louder until it seemed as though it was at his door. He then saw the ghost beckoning him with one finger to follow him. Athenodorus picked up his lamp and followed the ghost into the courtyard. The ghost disappeared and Athenodorus marked the spot where the ghost disappeared. The next morning he went to the same spot and ordered that it be dug up.  There underneath the ground they found a skeleton bearing chains and fetters. The young philosopher then had the remains moved and given a proper burial, and the spirit had become at rest, therefore the hauntings of the house in Athens ceased.


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If you have been involved with Paranormal Investigation for any amount of time, you may have heard of a man named Harry Price.

Harry Price was one of the first BIG names in "Ghost Hunting". Prominent in the 1920's and 1930's Harry Price dedicated alot of his life to the study of the paranormal. Influential to almost anyone pursuing the hobby, Price was also known for de-bunking various Medium Hoaxes and False Photography. He is considered the founding father of Paranormal Investigation.


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Ed and Lorraine Warren

The "Leading Edge" of Ghost Hunting

Lorraine and Ed Warren were ARGUABLY the most influential self proclaimed ghost hunters out there. In 1952 Ed and Lorraine founded the "New England Society for Psyhcic Research" N.E.S.P.R. 

Ed was a self-taught demonologist and Lorraine possessed a clairvoyant ability and was known as a light trance medium. The Warrens having completed over 10,000 cases during their career became the most known names in the paranormal field around the WORLD. The Warrens' "claim to fame" was in 1975 and at the infamous 112 Ocean Avenue address that we all know so well as "The Amityville Horror House". Ed and Lorraine both experienced EXTREME forces upon entering that house, such as, Ed and Lorraine both were pushed down to the floor in the basement after some religious provocation, and Lorraine felt an overwhelming demonic presence in the home.


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In the near future, The Haunting Inspectres hopes to achieve a place among the history of paranormal investigation, by bringing the most accurate and convincing evidence needed for pursuing the mysteries of the veil.