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I have always had a fascination of all things paranormal, whether it be poltergeist activity, exorcisms or plain re-occuring hauntings. I really started exploring the paranormal investigation when I was about 14 years old. I had an idea to create a group with my friends at the time, and we were going out and performing investigations at eachothers homes. Several other places that we went to, we individually experienced some small paranormal events, however we were 14, and had no experience on how to really communicate beyond the veil. Two years later I founded "T.H.E.I.R.S. The Hilliard Entity Investigative Research Society" Once again a few of my friends and i wanted to start up a group. We went on a few investigations and gained a considerable amount of knowledge on the subject of metaphysics. Fast forward ten more years and here we are! I founded the group Haunting Inspectres, and soon gained help from my good friend Jessika Hollingshead. We worked tirelessy to get this group off of the ground, and she was named co-founder due to the dedication she has shown thus far. Enough about me!!! Go check out the rest of the AMAZING team!! ENJOY!



I've always been curious about human perception. I believe there is a lot happening around us that our senses can't pick up. This is one reason why I've chosen to investigate. I want to get tangible proof that there's more than meets the eyes and ears. My first experience was when I was 12 or 13. A couple friends and I were doing "EVP's" (little kids on our recorders), in a cemetery by my house. We walked back and went into my basement where we continued to talk to the spirits. That's when all 3 of us watched a box full of heavy blankets move from one side of my basement to the other. We could hear the scraping of the box sliding and we watched it move with our eyes. We all remember this so vividly, but no one believes our story. I want to help others get their experiences validated. I know what it's like to feel unheard and I want to be your voice if that happens to be you.



Hello, my name is Michael. I first gained interest in the paranormal at age 11. My family moved into a farmhouse built around 1859. During the eight years we lived there, I experienced several encounters with manifestations and always felt like I was being watched. About ten years later, I started watching television shows about similar encounters. I was fascinated. My best friend and I talked about different experiences after I stayed at his place one night and had a conversation with his grandfather, who had been deceased as long as I'd been alive. He and I founded PARIS, the Paranormal Activity Research and Investigation Society. It didn't get far before we closed it. I later joined other friends in investigating cemeteries and other rumored haunts. Now, I am determined to find answers and convincing evidence.

Todd Dill

Tech Specialist/Investigator

My name is Todd. I have been interested in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I am a true skeptic. If I see something that can be explained in any shape or form, to me it's not paranormal. This is a true passion for me. This is also a first for me joining a true paranormal group, and I am thankful that this group has accepted me! Now let's go find some ghosts!



EVP, Spirit Box, Enhanced Audio Recording


Digital Video, Thermal Imaging, Full Spectrum Video


Full Surveillance Investigation, House Calls, Businesses


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